About Us

Established in the year 2011, Landcent (China) Industrial Development Co. Ltd. engages in R&D of Malaria Control products according to WHOPES (WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme) established standards, manufacturing of Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets (LLINs) & Indoor Residual Spray (IRS).
Our product range includes outdoor security equipment and anti-mosquito netting: For example tents, bugs-away equipments and tailor-made and long-lasting insecticidal nets and design nets to offer optimum protection against mosquitoes and malarial infection.
Landcent is awarded as a Hi-Tech enterprise by the China Central Government and currently holding 18 patents related to the manufacturing and insecticide treatment of malaria control products.
We have on our board, a few of the top internationally renowned experts in the area of malaria control. Apart from that we also work with international partners such as Innovative Vector Control Consortium, UK (IVCC), Intelligent Insect Control, France (IIC), Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), USA etc.Malaria is the 4th largest killer disease in the world and almost every minute there is a child which dies because of malaria, a disease which is preventable and curable. Our company has been dedicated towards malaria control and for the past 6 years, we have been constantly researching and screening various insecticides for potential use in vector control.Currently the biggest threat facing the malaria community is insecticide resistance which is built due to the repeated use of insecticides in vector control. After years of constant research and development for new innovative formulations, we developed a micro-encapsulation technology for one of the most commonly known insecticide, bendiocarb. This new innovative formulation helps in the slower release of the active Ingredient which means, long lasting effect and lower toxicity for humans and mammals.
We have a strong technical team which has a combined decades of experience in vector control and different formulation technologies.With our Hi-Tech status with the Chinese government, we have full support from the China Academy of Sciences and we are strategically placed to tap into the keep knowledge and database that is accumulated over the past years around vector control in China.

As a global player in the industrial segment of malaria contol, Landcent’s goal is to create added value in the global fight against malaria.


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