Visit the Republic of Liberia and donated mosquito repellent substances




“Our company has been dedicating to malaria control and for the past 7 decades,we have been constantly researching and screening various insecticides for potential use in vector control,also we have been helping people in Africa who need help,” said Danny Lin,president of Landcent(China) Industrial and Development Co.,Ltd,photo show the visiting of Republic of Liberia and donated mosquito repellent substances years of 2012,2013,2014.

For more than 10 years he has donated lots of mosquito repellent substances like anti-mosquito net medicine,different mosquito nets,mosquito band to protect children in Africa country like Liberia,Kenya,Uganda etc.

“So many people in the Third World, like Liberia, they are difficult to earn money to pay school fees for their children, buy a radio or material supplies for their homes, support their church and aid their neighbors,” said by our International manager Mr.Arun. “That I raise funds in the same way here befits this international project with its roots.People in these places need these mosquito repellent substances urgently.”

Improving the quality of life for Africans and especially women and children is our all responsibility.everyone is equal, no matter where he or she was born.

Hope you can join us,let children in Africa have hope to grow up happily, receive good education and achieve their goals.

Post time: Apr-19-2017
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